Wednesday, April 1, 2015

maLAWi & disORDER

It was a dark, eerie night, the fog was rolling in across the football pitch as the students were finishing up their dinners, working on homework, practicing their dance moves for the variety show, or writing letters to their fellow campers. Little did they know there was trouble lurking just around the corner… A sudden scream pierced the air. Camp counselor, Madam Anna Mansfield, hysterically ran to the front of the room to tell us our beloved coordinator, Madam Melissa Hughes, had been <gasp!> MURDERED….
...dun dun dunnnnnnn...
Due to a feud between counselors and Melissa, the suspect list was 
narrowed to Alex, Gina, myself and Devyn.

Campers took it upon themselves to become the best detectives Malawi has ever seen. Each group moved around various stations to examine clues found at the crime to figure out 'whodunnit'. Hard evidence was cataloged and presented for the campers to examine and determine the guilty counselor. Clues found at the scene included: hair, footprints, finger prints, and 'blood'.

Luckily, the students have been working hard all week learning helpful skills to solve this mystery. For example, students were given the suspects' parents' blood types and utilized Punnett squares (learned in Biology earlier that day) to determine each suspects' blood type. To examine the hair found at the crime scene, campers had their first opportunity to use a microscope- for many, a highlight of the night. Each group examined the crime scene in teams of three and used creative and critical thinking to come up with different scenarios of what could have taken place using skills covered in English classes.

As a suspect, I can tell you being interrogated by a group of very clever, determined Malawian students was probably one of the scariest things I have gone through in my service. Their questions always started out simple enough: "When did I become friends with Melissa?", "What was our relationship like?", "Had I seen her that day?". However, with no warning I suddenly felt like I was under a hot, bright light. Their faces moved closer and closer to my own. My hands began to sweat; I started stuttering, forgetting what I had said. I was confused and then suddenly, they would point and shout at me, “MURDERER! We know you are the one!” After speaking with the other suspects, I learned the investigators interrogated each of us in the same threatening manner.

At the end of the night, the majority of detectives voted for who they thought the murderer was based on the forensic evidence, crime scene and interrogations and chose ME!?! Turns out you can't get anything past these students…

...I dunnit.

Melissa is alive, well and still bossing us around. :)

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