Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Meet Junior Counselors Treasser & Taye

Full Name: Treasser Kanduwa
Home District: Chikwawa
Junior Counselor: Goliath Herons
Age: 18
Where do you want to study? I want to study at Polytechnic College of Malawi in Blantyre.
How did Camp Sky help you on your MSCE exam? Camp Sky helped me because it was my first time to go in a science laboratory. Some things we learned in laboratory were critical topics on our exams. In the Physical Science laboratory, we learned about titration, the gradual application of base to acid to reach an end point.
What was your favorite activity during Camp Sky last year? I enjoyed playing football sports with the other girl campers.
What is your dream job? I want to be a journalist, because I admire the work other journalists do. I want to report news and other things that are happening in different areas in order to help people know the world and Malawi.
What is a fun fact about you? I live in Lengwe National Park, so I see monkeys, baboons, buffalo, snakes, antelope, warthogs and many more animals from my house.

Full Name: Tayesedwa "Taye" Chimaliro
Home District: Balaka
Junior Counselor: Blue Herons
Age: 21
Score on MSCE: 15
Where do you want to study? I am hoping to go to Kamuzu College of Nursing in Lilongwe.
How did Camp Sky help you on your MSCE exam? We had lab sessions conducting experiments. That was so fortunate because at my school we did not have labs or equipment, but conducting these experiments gave me the confidence necessary to do well on this part of the exam. Also, the reflection sessions each night at Camp Sky revealed the hidden talents in my group, so that we started to believe more and more in ourselves.
What was your favorite activity during Camp Sky last year? I would say conducting the physical science experiment in titration, because it gave me this feeling that anything is possible if I am given the chance to try.
What is your dream job? As of now, I want to be at the highest level in nursing and obviously, yes become a professor of nursing.
What is a fun fact about you? I like facts like the fact I have a head and I can think. That's a fact. Sometimes we misuse the head, ya know? But I can think positively. Also, I can dance to anything.

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